Feb. 15, 2021


Confidential Atlanta, Georgia

We encourage ALL females to visit www.phalanxta.com and click on the "EP WOMEN" link for course details and special discount offer! TRAINING (MARCH 27-29, 2021) LOCATION TBA Our Executive Protection Certification Course covers the full spectrum of Executive Protection and prepares you to operate effectively in the world of close-protection. IMPORTANT (READ): If you are interested in working as an Executive Protection Specialist (EPS) (Plain Clothes Armed Security) in the State of Georgia, you (MUST) be licensed as a Private Detective/Investigator under Georgia Rule 509-3-06 (NO WORRIES); When visiting our website below, click on the "Private Detective" link for course details. EXECUTIVE PROTECTION COURSE COVERS: History of Executive Protection The Executive Protection Agent Women in Executive Protection Assassination Attempts Threat Assessment Intelligence Gathering Working in Teams Radio Communications Advance Work Working the Client Celebrity Protection Attack on Principal (AOP) Practical Protection Details Managing the Media Proper ID, Licenses & Permits Firearms and Non-Lethal Weapons Live Fire - Firearm Qualification (State Certified Certificate) Body Armor and Ballistic Threat Levels Crowds / Walking the Line Silent Warning Signs Terrorism vs EP High Profile vs Low Profile Hard Target vs Soft Target EP Maneuvers and Formations Drawing from Concealment Vehicle Loading and Unloading Vehicle Positioning and Staging Motorcade / Convoy Operations Unarmed Self-Defense, CQC, PPCT Legal Aspects of EP Stalkers (Who Are They)? Visit our website at www.phalanxta.com and click on the "EP Women" link for complete details, special discounts and registration information.

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