Oct. 26, 2019

Photographers wanted for Ice Hockey Tournaments

Confidential Hartford, Connecticut

We expect a MINIMUM of at least 300 sellable photos per rink to be shot but we prefer more for pre-paid team orders (sellable means: shots must be framed well and in sharp focus) We expect professional & experienced photographers who take pride in their work and aren't just shooting to get their numbers up without actually looking at what they are producing. At the end of a game if you have only shot 150 pictures and we have to delete 75 of them because they are blurry this will not be considered acceptable and you will not be asked to work with us again. We have had too many experiences where people lack the drive to be great at what they do and just want to collect a check, I am hoping that this will help weed out the lazy unmotivated people because we don't have time to train anyone that lacks the basic desire to be good at something or has genuine pride in their work. There are breaks within the day which may vary based on the event schedule, there is also a food court within the facility with various vending machines if you choose not to bring your own meals. During some events we do provide lodging at a local hotel which is dependent on the hours of the event and the distance some of our photographers have to drive but is ultimately up to our discretion.

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