Feb. 20, 2018

Product Photographer

Future Diagnostics New York, New York

Do you want to work with a team of the best, and most creative staff to present products to the WORLD?

Welcome to the Photographer’s Playground.

You will be apart of a creative staff where all ideas are valued, and uniqueness and individuality are highly valued.

Our company is rapidly expanding, and we’re looking for an ambitious individual ready to take on multiple assignments with great enthusiasm and fervor.

At Future Diagnostics you have the opportunity to:
● Work with a variety of creative and unique people to develop ideas.
● Capture high-resolution photos to be used for Amazon (must be high resolution for maximum zoom-in capability), marketing campaigns, package design, and social media.
● Take videos of product unboxings, consumer tips and tricks, and other interactive clips.
● With influence from the creative team, edit photos AND videos for final use. These edits must be professional and timely.
● Edit any and all minor imperfections from product photos, or they will be evident when zoomed-in.
● Add graphics to pictures and videos when necessary.

Two years from now, we will look back, and you’ll be the key partner who turned all of our products in successful rockstars that all consumers want.

You must be self-motivated, hard working, hungry for achievement. You work well with others, you treat your team members with respect, you always demonstrate honesty, integrity, loyalty.

See the company overview at http://futurediagnosticsusa.com/Overview.pdf

● Interested applicants should email hr@futurediagnostics.com with their resume, cover letter, and portfolio.
● The Subject line of the email should read: Capture Commander Application
● In the cover letter, please answer this question:
○ Why are you a capture commander (product photographer)?
○ Which specific part of our job ad made you want to apply for this position?
○ Please also elaborate on your experience in commercial/product photography.
○ Please include a portfolio. We are specifically looking for great product photos shot against a white backdrop.

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