May 2, 2021

Handyman+Dealer Mechanic Trainee= Paid Training Part/Full Time

Confidential Orange County, California

How Pay works… So for work month you would earn your base hourly wage just for showing up but by using a daily time sheet to flag hours worked per task each task would accrued additional Per-hour bonus pay so if you started at $13 per hour and then on a given week you had to use your own vehicle to respond to a customer’s home for 6 hours of on-site work you bonus might be an extra $20 per hour on top of the base $13 so you effectively earn $33 per hour for 6 hours. If you are able and willing you can be paid to travel with us as a Lead or Helper Driver to drive vehicles from other states to California. If you feel that you would like to learn to perform more than one of the job task description then you will increase your opportunity of working 40 hours full time. • Work on RV roofs at height of 12 feet in the air • Paperwork (related to office work in support of the Business operations) • Cleaning work (such as if the item being photographed is not Quite ready for photos and need touch up) • Small paint Touch-up such as using a nail-polish size bottle to touch up small scratches and nicks in paint finish • Supervised Interstate Travel (flown by plane and drive back) ( we buy Used AS/is RVs in different states as far as Florida or New York and drive them to California) This work involves sitting, standing, Climbing, Lifting, Driving, Crawling, Laying, Working with cameras, Tripods, Ladders, using PPE and good judgment to keep safe from injury. Work Trucks or Vans You are not required to own a Work-Truck or work van but if you do then Let us know as you may be able to benefit from if you become a Team leader for Service Department operations.

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